All racing fans, at one time or another, have bitched about motorsports. "It's that dickhead series owner," they'll say, or, "It's those stupid rules," or "The prototype racecars all look like Sy Snootles." Ok. So how would you fix that?

This week on /SHAKEDOWN, Leo Parente launches a working group to figure out what's wrong with racing, and how to fix it — from the point of view of racing fans.

In the studio with him this week are Ian "Mr. Saab" Whalen and Max "Cameraman/Editor of Jalopnik on Drive" Seeger. Out of the studio, but also seated at the roundtable, is You of Wherever You Live.


How would you make racing better? To you, better may mean more popular, or nerdier and more insidery. Whatever you want. The racing world is at your feet, and Leo Parente is your podiatrist. Or something.