If someone asked you to join a team that would be fielding a very, very rare and expensive vintage racecar in a very famously no-holds-barred vintage racecar race. Would you say yes? Would you?

You've seen the laps from inside the car. This week on /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS, it's Chris's full mini-doc about racing a one-of-one Lister Jaguar at the Goodwood Revival this past September.

He'd have to don a period-correct hat like one of the cast of Newsies, and then pilot the car in a one-hour race among closed-cockpit coupes from the years 1960 to 1964 — also known as "the race with all the Ferrari 250 GTOs in it." Each competing car would be worth more than the average one of us will make in several lifetimes. No pressure.


It wasn't just a matter of merely coaxing the £2m Jag home from a ceremonial race-parade without a bump. The RAC TT is a serious race, and Harris and his co-driver Anthony Reid actually had a chance of winning it. But to do so, they'd have to keep a pace that, lap after lap, would have the car topping out at around 180 mph on the straight at Goodwood. Naturally, part of the race would be held in the rain.


How did it go? Get out the popcorn and watch.