If you want to tell the story of Audi's all-wheel-drive legacy, you must start at the beginning — at the Volkswagen Iltis. Right after that, you get to talk about Group B rallying. And yes, you get to show the footage.

This is the introduction to /INSIDE QUATTRO, a new /DRIVE series that will take you inside the workshop of Quattro GmbH, the Audi AG subsidiary that builds the hottest of the four-ringer's performance cars and racing machine.

As a delightful amuse bouche, this teaser is devoted to Audi's WRC heyday, during which the automaker established its prowess — and that of such badasses as Walter Röhrl, Stig Blomqvist, Hannu Mikkola and Michèle Mouton — by attacking a dirt stage with four wheels instead of two.