Allan McNish drove in F1, he knows the ins and outs of racecars with energy-recovery tech. Now he's an F1 reporter for the BBC. That means he's got insight on the pivotal new F1 season. You need to hear this.

This week on /SHAKEDOWN, Leo Parente interviews McNish about the new F1 technology for 2014, the new cars, the new regulations and the driving style needed to go fast and win in '14. Who will be rewarded, the aggressive driver or the smooth operator?

Will the traditional frontrunners still be at the front when the flag drops on the Australian Grand Prix this March, or will the grid be upended?


McNish and Parente also handicap the field — considering the recent, mixed-bag test session at Jerez — figuring out which F1 teams are on the rise and which will struggle, and the drivers you need to watch closely. It's a must-see preview of a ground-shaking F1 season.