Driving McLaren's World-Changing 916 Horsepower Super Hybrid

We've been waiting for a real test-drive and proper unpacking of the McLaren P1 for years. Top Gear gave us an appetizer. Now it's time for the bacchanalia.

This week on /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS, Harris heads to Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi for a full immersion experience with the 950 hp, turbocharged V8 hybrid-electric P1. Chief McLaren test driver Chris Goodwin served as guide on Harris's quest to fulfill his destiny and arrive on the shores of P1 knowledge — both technically and viscerally. And, of course, to slide around in a car that costs as much as 10 Porsche 911s.

This is truly an epic CHOC, and the details are many and nerdy. The payoff is strong, both for Chris and — vicariously — for us. Watch every minute and be enlightened.