/DRIVE launched in 2012, supported entirely by YouTube. Like other producers in the Google-owned video juggernaut's original content program, YouTube paid /DRIVE's bills in exchange for run-time and exclusivity. That program is over. So, now what?

And so, as part of a strategy that will hopefully keep /DRIVE alive, independent and able to produce the same (and better) content it always has, we've launched an SVOD channel on YouTube, called /DRIVE+ (YouTube.com/DRIVEplus). This week, you'll find out more about that. /DRIVEPlus will cost Drive+ will cost $3.99/£2.49 per month or $39.99/£24.99 per year.

/DRIVE's free, ad-supported channel isn't going away — and we won't only be showing annoying teasers for the paid shows, but real, valuable content that stands on its own.


But on /DRIVE+, you'll get longer-form videos that are living-room quality and worth skipping a BigMac per month to pay for. As Chris Harris pointed out on PistonHeads today, this isn't about /DRIVE being greedy. It's about the harsh realities of the business we're in. We're a small organization, obsessed with cars and independence and producing high-quality videos, and we don't want to compromise. We don't think you should have to, either.


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