Jordan Taylor races Corvettes in the Grand-Am [DP] and ALMS [GTE] as well as makes Music Videos for his racing fans. And he Tweets. After the Indy Grand-Am race, he started a war with fans of ALMS P2 racecars. So, we had him on the /DRIVE /ShakeDown show

Daytona Prototypes vs LMP2 racecars make up a big part of the new 2014 United Sports Car Racing series. Not related [until we made it so], Jordan, brother - Ricky, and friends also like to remake music videos - MarkyMark and the Funky Bunch - 'Good Vibrations' and The Beastie Boys - 'Intergalactic' which mimic each original and original well enough [?].

So, when Jordan Taylor hit Twitter with this -


- it was time to invite him onto /ShakeDown on /DRIVE to figure out if DP is 'Beast' or 'Good'.


A 'quick' 30 minutes later, we covered the facts on DP vs LMP2 as we know them before the 2014-15 USCR rules are finalized. And now you have more info to allow you to think, form an opinion, and / or know what to look for in the decisions that will be forth-coming from USCR.

Plus, we talk a bit about Jordan's racing background / cred and his views on some recent racing news [eg; Where should Kimi race in 2014?] Thanks, JT.