Three-time Le Mans 24 Hour winner Allan McNish recently announced his retirement from Audi Sport, the team with which he ran 89 races, scoring 66 podiums, 29 of those P1 wins. That's a lot of accumulated wisdom, which he's always willing to share.

On /SHAKEDOWN last week, Leo Parente paid tribute to McNish, who's appeared on the show many times, with a best-of edit. McNish has never been stingy with his insights about the racer's job (i.e., winning), and all that entails, so this is merely a teaser for all the other interviews he's done for /SHAKEDOWN, both in person and over the phone.

And because after hearing McNish talk about racing strategy at Le Mans and Sebring, working with engineers on car setup, what it's like to race a hybrid, and more — and you'll want to watch the rest of those interviews in their entirety, here they are, too. Grab a pint, sit back and prepare to take in a wealth of hard-earned racing knowledge. Enjoy.


McNish's pre-race commentary, 2012 Daytona 24


Audi Sport Testing at Sebring

How Le Mans 2013 was won

Passion for Le Mans

On racing skills

At COTA WEC 2013

On racing simulators