It's an age-old problem for aspiring racecar drivers: How to accumulate enough money to race without either 1.) Writing a massive check (and it actually clearing), 2.) Asking your parents to write a massive check, or 3.) Doing some sort of drug deal to get the money (it's happened.)

On this week's /SHAKEDOWN, Leo Parente puts on his racing businessman's hat (kind of a fedora with a balaclava underneath) and points out a few strategies young racers can use to convince a sponsor to pay for a racing program. For race fans, it's an inside look at how all those product and company names get put on the sides of racecars, and all those patches get sewn on racing suits.

It's motorsport marketing and sponsorship selling 101: How to focus on what you selling, why companies sponsor racing, who to target, and how a deal gets done. That's a start. Here we go.