Since /DRIVE started, we've been doing a little show called /DRIVE CENTRAL, where channel viewers can find out what shows are coming up during the week ahead. With the new season starting this week, /DRIVE partner JF Musial wanted to use the time to talk about /DRIVE's mission. That and let you know what's coming up this week.

Oh, yes. Those are two of Horacio Pagani's finest sports cars on /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS this Wednesday. One, Pagani's own personal Zonda, and an equally blue Huayra. Also, Jalopnik's own $500 Craigslist Rally Car star, Bill Caswell will be with me on AFTER/DRIVE, which replaces the former Road Testament this Thursday.

And of course, I'll be back, being all weird on /DRIVE CENTRAL next week. See you then.