Going flat-out on a smoothly-paved desert highway with only a few lazy bends to tax the car's available traction sounds like fun, right? Well, sometimes it can be. This is not one of those times.

Twice a year, the Silver State Classic Challenge closes State Route #318 between Lund and Hiko, Nevada, attracting drivers of all motoring stripe to a competitive target-speed rally. Participants attempt to match a specified average speed over the 90-mile course. Among the rally's four classes, Super Sport is the fastest, with specially-prepped race cars — fitted with full roll cages, fuel cells and onboard, plumbed fire extinguishers — hitting speeds of well over 200 mph. (This car averaged 217 mph.)

Matt Farah was not in that class.


This week on /TUNED, Farah and /DRIVE producer Zack Klapman compete in this September's Silver State in a Mini Cooper John Cooper Works GP. As a stock car with only seatbelts and no roll cage, the Mini qualified for the Touring class. (Matt, as a first-timer to the event, was also confined to Touring class.)


That means Matt and Zack (clad in mandated helmets and fireproof gloves) would have to complete the 90-mile course at a speed as close to a 110 mph average as possible, and not over 124 mph, or face disqualification. One hundred and ten miles per hour? That's all?

Maybe Zack will have time to make a sandwich. Maybe Farah will follow the rules. Maybe fun will be had after all.

Maybe you should watch and find out.