The McLaren 12C is a very fast car. But what happens when you add more horsepower and tweak the suspension to make it more agile? You get a raging lunatic in Pirellis. That's the McLaren 650S. Let's check it out.

This week on /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS, Chris heads to Spain — nursing a head cold — to find out what the McLaren 650 S is like to drive on the Ascari private circuit, in a light mist (as Travis found out recently as well). McLaren politely asks you not to call it an update to the 12C, but rather a considerably new build. For instance, the new power isn't just some reflash job. There are lots of new engine parts involved.

So, let's watch and find out why the 650S has caused such a stir, that McLaren is halting 12C production to free up capacity to build more of the new car. (We believe them, right?)