For 25 years, Bruce Turk has been nursing vintage Saabs back from near death. From fragile and finicky Sonetts to obtuse and overbuilt and rally-ready 93s and 96s, he's become the go-to guy for help making those wicked Swedish two-strokes scream. Here's how he did it.

In this episode of AFTER/DRIVE, we visited Bruce at his place "up the line" a ways from New York City to talk to him about how anyone — even someone with no welding experience — can turn a sadly neglected bucket of rust into a bulletproof vintage rally car that can handle a gravel stage and keep going.

Even if you can't stand my dopey mug, this video is worth it just for the snarling two-stroke and backwoods action, and to hear Bruce's stories of how he made his teenage Saab dreams really real.