It's less powerful than a road-going McLaren 12C, but if you're going to spend most of your time on a racetrack, the GT3-spec version is the one you want. But why pick this one over a raft of other GT3 customer racecars? For all the special.

This week on /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS, Chris gets a turn behind the button-rife steering wheel of a Macca GT3 on the Snetterton circuit in Norfolk, UK.

The GT3 doesn't have a few of the trick bits that make the street-legal 12C special, like those self-leveling dampers, but does have some race-ready add-ons like a sequential six-speed transmission and conventional locking differential.


It also has a very busy steering wheel and digital readout screen that would make any gentleman racer feel like a world champ. Is that special enough? Ask Chris.