No doubt, professional sports-car racing has seen better, richer days. But with the consolidation of Grand-Am and ALMS in the U.S., we'll once again see if a motorsports series sponsored by a wristwatch brand can capture the imagination of the car-loving public. But how can it?

This week on /SHAKEDOWN, Leo Parente susses out 10 things that could make The Tudor United SportsCar Championship — kicking off in 2014 under the NASCAR umbrella — a must-see series for both mo-sports devotees and sports-car enthusiasts in general, a confluence no racing series has been able to achieve to date.

To generalize, racing must retain a crosscurrent of danger — by incorporating faster, harder-to-drive and technologically-forward prototype cars — while making races easer to follow on TV for the casual fan. Leo's got more tips for Tudor (a Rolex brand) USCC, or is that "Tusk"? What say you?