Who among us hasn't watched a video of some hatchback storming through the woods at a high rate of speed and thought, "That could be me"? No one. And so, find a comfortable seat, grab a beverage and watch this video. Or just listen like it was a podcast. It's all the same to us.

This week on AFTER/DRIVE, we stopped in at Broken Motorsports in Union, New Jersey, a race shop that does tons of work on rally cars — in many cases for local guys just in it for fun. There, we talked with shop proprietor Bill Petrow and rally driver (and Bill Caswell's sometime co-driver) and Team O'Neil heavyweight Wyatt Knox, and some kid who just got back from learning how to left-foot brake at Team O'Neil. You may recognize him from having his head shaved by a Ferrari mechanic.

I'm not going to lie; today's show is super long, and you might just want to do the podcast thing with it. But there's great information in there you can act on right now — while the rally season is still kicking — from guys who know what they're talking about. It's not hard to get started in rallying, a sport where you can race almost side-by-side with your heros at the same event — what other motorsport lets you do that?


So there's no excuse not to at least find out how. Now get in there, Mr. Sebastien Loeb of Tomorrow, and go.