Inside the Morgan Motor Company (Mega Gallery)

Morgan is one of the strange anomalies of the automotive world. For one, it doesn't seem like they should exist at all. How many car manufacturers out there are as small as Morgan (2012 was a record year for production at around 1,500 cars over five models), haven't been swallowed up by a larger manufacturer, and still manage to not only continue to build cars, but also do everything, from design, to engineering, to building, testing, production, then service and full-on restoration from just one facility? The same facility in which they have been building cars for 103 years? It's both unbelievably strange, and incredibly inspiring that such a company continues to prosper, especially since their cars, for the most part, look like they were designed either in 1947.

I spent a day wandering the Morgan Factory while making a film for our series /DRIVEN, and frankly got some awesome photos. Check out the mega-gallery at The Smoking Tire.