It's nothing new that auto racing is a function of rules-making. And because it's not a free-for-all, sometimes weird things happen, like the fastest car isn't the one that gets to the checkered flag first. Let's talk about that.

This week on /SHAKEDOWN, it's a big year for Le Mans racing and Formula One, and Leo Parente lays out the new landscape.

Big changes in series rules have made cars' fuel efficiency more important than ever. Le Mans had been looking more like a sprint than an endurance race, though that may be changing this year. Formula One, on the other hand, is looking a lot more like an endurance race than its traditional sprint would suggest. New complexities in engine, energy use, driving style, and aerodynamics abound, and staying on top of the changes is your job as a fan.


So what do you think? Is it still "racing" if it's not primarily about speed? Is endurance racing and F1 becoming just so much fancy hypermiling? Or is this exactly where the series need to be to stay tech-current?