The subcompact hot-hatch market is finally percolating in the US. First came the Fiat 500 Abarth and Chevy Sonic RS, and now the Ford Fiesta ST. Here's what the ST is like to drive.

This week, Chris Harris devotes his show to the Fiesta ST, sussing out how it drives on the road and how well it performs under duress on a racetrack. If you're a fan of the Renault Clio RS, you'll appreciate Chris's comparison comments between the two. If you've never heard of the Clio RS, we'd suggest grabbing the next 777 to Charles de Gaulle.

But whether or not the Fiesta ST lives up to expectations, the prospect of more quick, nimble, lightweight cars is a great one. Now all we have to do is convince Honda to build that Fit Type R we've always wanted.