To me, the 997 Mk2 Porsche 911 GT3 is a high water mark among the most enjoyable cars to drive. But it's not about me. This is about about actor / comedian / podcaster / empire builder Joe Rogan's GT3, tuned by Sharkworks. It's everything you, or he, could want.

On this episode of /TUNED, Matt Farah mines Rogan's Porsche proclivities, and ongoing disappointment that, over the years, cars got more powerful but seemed to lose that raw, connected feeling many of us can't live without. Then he found the GT3 RS, and fell in love.

And then, he found Sharkworks, a Porsche expert shop that can do miraculous things with Stuttgart/Weissach's best metal. The result seems to be exactly what we've always wanted. High revving, road-holding and feedback-giving. Now all he needs are a couple of turbos. Maybe.