Look What Larry Kosilla Did To My Headlight Lens

Aside from famine, pestilence and war without end, there's nothing worse than a yellowy headlight lens. Check out what a pro detailer can do in 10 minutes. No toothpaste required.

Last week, the Jalopnik and /DRIVE crews were up at Monticello Motor Club for an event you'll find out about soon — Travis has the details on that. We were hanging around after lunch and I figured I'd get some advice from high-end detailing expert and host of /DRIVE CLEAN (returning this summer, plug, plug, plug) on what to do about the horribly jaundiced plastic headlight lens on my yes-it's-completely-stock 2000 Toyota MR2 Spyder.


Naturally, I'd heard all the stories about expensive resto kits toothpaste, microfiber rags and afternoons spent buffing. But I wanted a professional opinion, and not having to deal with it myself would be kind of fun too.

"I'll take care of that in five minutes," Larry said. And then he wheeled over his kit of potions and pads and stuff, and his buffing machine.


Ok, maybe it took 10 minutes, but damned if it doesn't look amazing. Here's exactly what he did:

I returned the plastic lens back to original condition by wetsanding the yellow UV degradation that had occurred over the past few years. By leveling the surface, it reveals "fresh" undamaged plastic. Once the old dead plastic is removed, then compound and polish to restore the clarity. Afterwards, I protected the plastic with an AMMO coating.

Thanks, Larry.