There are those legendary films that capture the rush of extreme driving, Climb Dance, C'était un Rendezvous, Faszination. Now we have a new one: Rain Dance.

You may know Leh Keen, frequent Brumos Racing driver and Rolex Grand-Am GT champ, from his podiums at Sebring, Le Mans and the 24 Hours of the Nürburgring. This past weekend, on the evening of the Nürburgring 24, Keen put a camera on his helmet and recorded some rain-soaked laps so we'd know exactly what happens in the heat of battle, deep in the abyss of the Green Hell after dark.

/DRIVE shot this video installment of its Driver's Eye series on board with Keen, just before race officials called a nine-hour red-flag stop due to poor conditions. Keen absolutely canes his Porsche 911 GT3 R past slower-moving cars like they're so many hay bales, dancing on the knife's edge of traction and visibility the whole time.


One Insane Lap Of The Nurburgring, Flat Out, In The Rain

What was it like to be inside that car, going for broke? Let's hear it from Keen himself:


It was just another world out there. Such harsh conditions, but in the car it was pretty calm, actually. More calm in the car than outside in the elements. So it was nice to have a roof over my head.

In this stint, I passed the Audi that qualified on pole and the BMW that finished on the podium along with many, many other cars. I was the quickest car on track. The Porsche's rear engine helped, although it probably looks like I didn't have much powerdown grip. I actually did. Porsches are just so stout in the rain.

It's stuff like this that makes the Nürburgring so special. Only one place in the world this could happen, and that's on the Nordschleife. A little fun fact. When I was behind a car, the spray would make the windshield fog up, so I had to pass the car quick before the windshield would fog all the way up or I would have to back off and unfog it, then go again so I could see.

At one point I was looking out the side window to see the guard rail and get a reference of where I was.

Now watch from Keen's own eyes, or as near as can be, as the heavens open up and the darkness creeps around every corner, speeding along a winding forest path that laps a medieval castle deep in the Eifel mountains.