That doesn't mean the tire shredding will cease. Its just that, more than ever, there's more to /DRIVE than drifting for 2014.

/DRIVE's rounding the corner to its third year in production. That means it's time to look back at what we did this past year, and give you guys a look at what's coming next. And you know what that means: Stop! Promo time!

So what is coming up this year? Most definitely more tire slaying from Chris Harris, who remains /ON CARS; more barking-mad builds on /TUNED and /BIG MUSCLE, more visits with the nerds who bring you your favorite sports cars on /DRIVEN and a widening world of ideas for the certified car-obsessed on motorsports and car culture on /SHAKEDOWN and AFTER/DRIVE. Also, /INSIDE KOENIGSEGG will be back with even more insane supercar tech in the second half of 2014.


Oh, you wanted more? There's the new, first-person doc /MY LIFE AS A RALLYIST, a six-part miniseries that follows college student and former /DRIVE intern Ryan Symancek as he sets out on a quest to live the rallying life — at least for a while. Also watch for a new profile on the latest group of racing hopefuls at the Porsche Young Driver Academy. If you were wondering where the next team of Porsche factory drivers will come from, wonder no more.


Also watch for new /DRIVE programming aimed at car buyers looking for practical advice. That's not to say some tires won't be shredded. Just practically shredded.

And, as always, thank YOU for making 2013 a pivotal year for /DRIVE and its team of producers, production yeomen, interns and hosts. We promise to keep bringing you guys more great stuff to watch, think about and argue over in pubs around the world in 2014. And keep commenting and sending your feedback. We listen.