At /DRIVE, both on screen and off, we've been playing a game called #BRZorThat, in which we debate whether we'd buy a new BRZ — the most hyped sports car in the history of sports cars — or something else. Today, that something else is the Honda S2000.

This week on AFTER/DRIVE, Ian "Mr. Saab" Whalen steps out from behind the camera to discuss a budding desire to replace (or supplement) his beloved 9-3 Viggen with either a used Honda S2000 or a new BRZ (or Scion FR-S) — two cars that couldn't be more different in character from the 9-3.

[UPDATE — I'd kept forgetting to watch this great, very apt comparo of the FR-S, RX8 (watch for this one in an upcoming #BRZorThat) and S2000 from our friends at Everyday Driver, to whom I will suggest starting their own Kinja page here to post their stuff. It's good.]


The point of the segment is largely academic — who loves to argue more than car enthusiasts? And frankly — to pull back the curtain — YouTube is more than happy to have decent conversations going on in their comment section. To our surprise, these shows produce far fewer "you suck" and "get a fucking haircut" trolls than average.