Video: A High-Speed Run Across the Desert in a Lamborghini Aventador Sounds Glorious

On this episode of /Tuned, I don't drive a modified car at all. Nope, I know, blasphemy is upon us, since I didn't show up to some random dude's house to drive his overpowered death trap this week, opting instead for a 700 mile round trip to SEMA in the most expensive press car I've ever spent unsupervised time with.… »12/03/13 12:46pm12/03/13 12:46pm

Video: This Twin-Turbo Subaru Legacy is Subtlety Done Right

Last season, there was an overwhelming push to get some full-on JDM cars on the show this season. Since actually going to Japan is out of our budget (... or is it?) we put out the word, and Dave Brown, owner of Fast of West Chester responded. Mr. Brown has spent the last two years turning his otherwise pedestrian… »11/18/13 3:28pm11/18/13 3:28pm

Video: /TUNED Returns With a Pair of Swapped Subies!

We know, we know. Tuned has been gone for too long. But fear not, we’re back for an extended 16-episode run, and we’re starting it off with one of our favorite budget tuner projects: the Subaru R-STi. See, it all started because we didn’t get the Subaru WRX here in the US until 2001, where other countries were… »10/14/13 2:42pm10/14/13 2:42pm

What's the Best Idea for a Custom Painted Helmet? (W/ Video)

Look at that hair. Donald Trump, for all his faults (which are many) has contributed one of the more iconic haircuts in recent history. And while his perfectly coiffed hair may have defined his signature look way back in the 80's, I much prefer the more modern version of Trump's mop. As he ages, his hair is getting… »6/25/13 11:43am6/25/13 11:43am

Video: Brand new Porsche Cayman vs Beater Tuned Audi S4

I spent the last two weeks bombing around Europe experiencing car culture, a big part of which was cruising the UK B-Roads (in RHD cars for the first time) with Chris Harris. Originally, we had planned to do a "tuned vs. stock" kind of thing with a new Porsche Cayman and a boosted Subaru BRZ, but as tends to happen… »6/04/13 11:20am6/04/13 11:20am