You've already seen the awesome last lap of the Porsche IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge by Yokohama rounds at Mosport last week. But of course you wanted some background on the race. Here you go, on a silver platter.

On this week's recap, narrated as usual by the great Le Mans Radio announcer John Hindhaugh, we find out why driver Angel Benitez Jr. famously referred to Mosport as a "monkey with a knife." (That's what all those stickers are about.)

The fact is, even in its newly refurbished condition, Mosport is so terrifying a challenge for the series' young racers (and their older, "master-class" trackmates) that the track's persona has become a blade-wielding cartoon character.


But between the track's geography and layout, and the racecraft on display, including Benitez's intense on-track sparring with driver Madison Snow — as well as battles between Brett Sandburg and Sloan Urry, and Craig Duerson and Kasey Kuhlman — the Mosport round of the this Porsche GT3 Cup deserves every bit of your motorsports attention.