SRT Motorsports had a difficult 2012, placing dead last in GT manufacturers' points in the America Le Mans Series. This year, it's currently third, between BMW and Ferrari. But if ALMS points were awarded on looks, the SRT Viper would always be in first.

This week on /SHAKEDOWN, it's some Viper racecar porn, complete with '80s synth sound bed, and a quick chat with driver Tommy Kendall about racing the Viper this season. SRT scored a win at Road America and seconds at Long Beach and Mosport.

Not mentioned in the video is how the eight-liter V10 Viper racecar engine (down from 8.4 liters production) got around the ALMS's 5.5-liter displacement regulation. Not surprisingly, they got in by restricting intake airflow heavily — like sipping-through-a-straw heavily. Also, the ALMS waiver likely depended on the Viper being heavier than anything else out there.


Heavy and beautiful, that is.