King Of The Hammers Is 10 Hours Of Dust, Horsepower And Insanity

Want to bomb through the desert, then go rock crawling in a 600-hp buggy with a tube chassis and enough suspension travel to articulate over Wyoming — all in one day? It's just a road trip away from Southern California.

This week on /BIG MUSCLE, Mike Musto and the crew head to "King of the Hammers," the off-road race held in Johnson Valley, California, that's known for eating custom-built machines for breakfast. With a side of avocado.

In Part 1, we meet the cars: homemade tube chassis, 600 hp V8's, and custom suspensions so stout that they're almost impossible to destroy.


In Part 2, we head out with racers John Webb and Cliff Behrens, through 160 miles of open desert, boulder ravines and rock walls. It's 10 hours of dust, horsepower and insanity.