Imagine your car, only with a paint job that's so perfect you can't detect a single swirl mark. "BUT MIKE!," you say, "how is that possible?!" Three words, kid: "Dual-action flex polisher." Or is that four words?

This week on the season finale of /DRIVE CLEAN, Larry Kosilla brings all of his OCD-level car-detailing expertise to bear on making a car's finish absolutely perfect. That is, no swirl marks, love taps, spider twirls, butterfly kisses, devil whispers, nipple tweaks, stranger gropes and all the other annoyingly superficial imperfections that make someone whose increased grey matter volumes in bilateral lenticular nuclei makes them freak the hell out over such things.

Or maybe, for once in your life, you just want to be the guy with the perfect paint. Here's your chance. Let Larry show you how.