This 1969 Plymouth Valiant proves you can build a great pro-touring muscle car on the unlikeliest bones. Sure, the heartier Dodge Dart GTS (and earlier Hemi Dart) share this Valiant's plebeian roots. But this is a Valiant, folks. The least valiant of cars.

This week on /BIG MUSCLE, host Mike Musto samples the "Violent" Valiant, which Shannon Hudson of Redline Gauge Works bought for $400.00 and, during 20 years of ownership, has built it into a significant player.

The new car not only goes, but also handles. The first, by way of a 360ci V8 out of a wrecked Canadian cop car, subsequently worked over, Paxton supercharged, and installed in the Valiant. The second, via a Hotchkis suspension.


How well does this Valiant transcend its economy-car roots? Watch and see.