If you were an evil surfer tormenting the Beach Boys and their Pendleton-wearing buds in the never-made movie "Attack Of The Surf Jerkwads," this might have been the car you'd be driving. And every kid would have rather been you than one of the "good guys."

This week on /BIG MUSCLE, Mike Musto samples a one-of-a-kind example of a hot rod surf wagon, circa '63. It's a 1926 Hudson, covered in wood and bullet holes, that can transport two surfboards from break to break with bewildering alacrity. That's '60s surfer-dude talk for "real fast." Not really.

This hand-built surf rod is quick — the worked 350 and tons of rubber take care of that — and looks great and all, but the personality is in the detail work. The builder — Ben McCloy (with Scott Satteria) of Jack Dick Custom's in Martinez, CA — says his inspiration comes from stuff like "a dirty rake on the ground or a garden weasel someone's thrown away." And while we have no doubt that's true, the result is way better than it sounds.