Video: This Twin-Turbo Subaru Legacy is Subtlety Done Right

Last season, there was an overwhelming push to get some full-on JDM cars on the show this season. Since actually going to Japan is out of our budget (... or is it?) we put out the word, and Dave Brown, owner of Fast of West Chester responded. Mr. Brown has spent the last two years turning his otherwise pedestrian Subaru Legacy GT into a full-on JDM conversion, right down to the super-rare (in the US) twin-turbo engine.

No, it's not a horsepower monster. No, it's not a drift machine. No, it's not going to blow the doors off a Bugatti in a drag race that would never happen anyway. Instead, Dave's Subaru is a brilliant exercise in subtlety, attention to detail, and doing what it takes to get the job done right. It's a beautiful car, and we've chosen a particularly beautiful location for it. Oh, and we brought a helicopter.

Watch it here on /DRIVE