Back in 1959, pickup trucks mainly hauled farm equipment and towed stuff. They didn't shred corners and pull lateral g's. This one, however, does the shredding and pulling, if not the hauling and towing.

This week on /BIG MUSCLE, Mike Musto samples a 1959 Chevrolet Apache (with the rare Fleetside bed). Owner Wes Drelleshak bought it with the intention of making it his daily driver, but then found out about autocrossing and changed his plans.

After a few tweaks, this Apache can now pull 1 g on a skidpad. It can romp on Porsches and Miatas around the cones all day long. And it still looks like the truck that charges up on your rear bumper in that nightmare where you get run off a cliff by Gunnar Hansen (as Leatherface).