Some of the best racing at this year's Baltimore Grand Prix wasn't happening at the top of the ticket. It was down the card, during rounds 11 and 22 of the Porsche IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge by Yokohama. Watch this, because there won't be a next year for Baltimore.

Indeed, earlier this week it was announced Baltimore won't be hosting the Grand Prix next year — bad news for IndyCar and ALMS. Nonetheless, the GT3 Cup race there, this past month, will be remembered for some of the most compelling racing of the whole weekend.

The same Platinum-class rivalries we've been watching in the GT3 Cup Challenge this season — Angel Benitez, Jr., Madison Snow, Sloan Urry — continued to percolate on the streets of Baltimore, to mixed results. They were matched on the treacherous course by continued strong showings by Brett Sandberg and Michael Mills.


As always, it's John Hindhaugh at the microphone. Because Scotland.