What's the Best Idea for a Custom Painted Helmet? (W/ Video)

Look at that hair. Donald Trump, for all his faults (which are many) has contributed one of the more iconic haircuts in recent history. And while his perfectly coiffed hair may have defined his signature look way back in the 80's, I much prefer the more modern version of Trump's mop. As he ages, his hair is getting thinner, lighter, and comically grotesque up close. His insecurity, however, keeps him spending what must be thousands of dollars a month keeping that birds nest attached to his head.

I, on the other hand, have no hair, and haven't for some time. While I was watching an episode of The Apprentice the other night, I remarked to myself that the Donald's hair looked an awful lot like my open face racing helmet. Fortunately, I'm one of those people that executes silly ideas like that. I called up my "helmet guy," Luke Dobie of LDDesigns, and we agreed that he could paint me the most epic helmet in open face history. Wanna see what it looks like? Here's some video.