Automotive photographer Robert McGaffin earns his living from making other peoples' cars look great in print. This week, we're making his own car look great on video. Let's check it out.

This week on /BIG MUSCLE, it's the show's very first Oldsmobile, McGaffin's 1965 Cutlass F-85 that's been transformed — as a Popular Hot Rodding project car — into a modern autocrosser with classic American lines. The concept was to how that you didn't have to to spend six figures to build an updated, high-performance muscle car.

Under the hood is a carbed, 461 ci big block V8, producing 525 hp and 540 lb-ft, a Tremec TKO 600 5-speed transmission with 3:73 gears in the rear and a suspension built to take punishment. It also weights 3,600 pounds, which isn't much when you consider a BMW M5 weighs 4,300.


It's big, it's different, and this episode is the least we could do for one of the coolest, but often overlooked machines from the muscle-car era.